Hair Stylist

Hairstylist Maria Valks treats her clients the same way she approaches life- with openness and creativity. A combination of over 25 years in dedicated practice, formal training (she has colour certification from Goldwell Colour, and is also in the process of training with Italian brand Framsei, a company that makes and distributes vegan and gluten free hair colour ), and an apprenticeship under Oshawa’s style luminary John Weiss, Maria transforms her clients into the best possible version of themselves.

“To put it simply: I love creating, I love making art, and I love the women who sit in my chair” she said.

As her professional journey takes her from creative professional to owner of Oshawa’s newest wellness haven, Amaranthine Salon and Spa, Maria hopes to provide a more impactful service to those who sit in her chair, and presence.

“After years of spending time with women, I want to give them more than just creating beautiful hair, I want to provide a space that allows healing as well,” Maria explained. With that in mind, she began learning the art of Reiki, the Japanese technique that focuses on wellness in the body, mind, and emotions. By adding treatments that look specifically at the core of a person’s wellbeing, Maria hopes that a more complete kind of beautiful will emerge.

“I want to give back to Oshawa what people in Oshawa have given to me, warmth. I love working with the people here, so this is my way of giving back,” she said.